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Journalist from Lutsk complains about threats from former police officer

25.07.2017, 23:16
The Hromadske Radio journalist Arina Krapka (Iryna Musiy) said that former police officer Volodymyr Sokol has been threatening her via the social network Facebook. This was reported to IMI representative in Volynska oblast. As Krapka said, for several months the user with a nickname Ian Smith (Ян Сміт) published derogatory entries about her in Facebook. And in one of the comments, he commented to the journalist's entry: “You are my personal ball for beating and entertainment”. After this, Arina Krapka filed a complaint to the Lutsk police department. She considers systematic threats from the user potentially dangerous for her life and health. Yet police tends to disagree that there is any real threat. The journalist often writes articles covering the topics of advocating human rights and feminism. User Ian Smith dislikes feminists, one of his comments was: “You are a feminist. Feminists are not humans”.
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