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Journalist for ZIK suspended from job after broadcasting protest action

03.07.2019, 13:30
Photo credits: Ihor Krymov's Facebook
The executive editor Ihor Krymov who broadcasted the action of protest in the Maydan square in Kyiv on Jule 2, has been suspended from job, before his contract term ends, as he told IMI on 3rd of July. Krymov broadcasted the action of protest against registration of some candidates for the parliamentary election. He added that yesterday in the evening, after the live program, he received a message from the editor of the TV channel ZIK Daryna Hordiyko, saying on 3rd of July another person was to broadcast the program instead of him. “By 10.11 p.m. in the Facebook page she posted to me a message saying “Ihor, tomorrow, another person is to broadcast the program, not you”. As I precised that I had to work till July 5th, she replied: “OK, come tomorrow, please, to hand things over”. I’ll go today there, because I have to work till 5th of July. But  I don’t know what will be my fucntions, nor I know the person to whom I have to hand my responsibilities over. But I hope, I will get to know it at the TV channel office”, Krymov told. He added, last week he filed the letter of willful resignation  due to “imposing of some instructions  on what one had to cover, how to cover this or another event”.  Krymov had to work till 5th of July. IMI informed that on June 14 it had been known that ZIK TV channel was acquired by an ally of an oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, Taras Kozak who is also owner of “NewsOne” and “112 Ukraina” TV channels. Immediately after this news became public, a number of top managers and journalists resigned from ZIK.
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