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Journalist for “Strana” assaulted under NewsOne’s office

09.07.2019, 18:42
Photo credit: Kyrylo Malyshev, The online edition “Strana” claimed that July 8th, several activists assaulted its journalist Kyrylo Malyshev just outside the office of NewsOne TV channel, as to “Strana”. Kyrylo Malyshev came there to cover the protest action. The police officers asked him to leave the place because of “eventual provocative acts”. "A few minutes after the beginning of the rally, just outside the entrance to the business center, where the NewsOne TV channel is located, the protesters moved to the street straight across, where allegedly the windows of the TV channel opened onto. I followed them. Next to us, Sternenko posted on the asphalt "Russians f…off". At that moment, I saw Evhen Karas, leader of the ultra-right organization "С14" and a photographer of one of Kiev editions, at the distance of ten meters of me. The photographer pointed at me with his hand," Kyrylo Malyshev said. Then, according to him, Karas shouted in the crowd: "Here is a separatist. Journalist of "Strana". "Immediately afterwards, the participants of the action tried to attack me. But other activists came to my defense. The journalist for “Focus” defended me as well. This allowed us to gain time, and the police which was there to ensure dialogue, took me out of the crowd, " Malyshev said. As the edition specifies, Malyshev was not injured. As Radio Liberty reported, the protesters identified a photographer for “” in the crowd. They surrounded him. Some persons cried from the scene not to hurt him. Accompanied by the police officers, he left the place. IMI reported, on July 8th, in the front of the NewsOne editorial office in Kyiv, protesters gathered to express their angry for the scheduled and cancelled afterwards TV link-up with Russian TV channel “Russia 24”. Police opened criminal proceedings following the complaint of the journalist for "Strana" Vladyslav Bovtruk saying he had been beaten during a protest rally on July 2 in Kyiv.

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