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Journalist for Dilovyy Pereyaslavl assaulted and persecuted

05.02.2019, 16:55
The deputy of the municipal council of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Vladyslav Yudenko assaulted the journalist for the newspaper Dilovy Pereyaslavl and his colleague in the council Oleksande Matvienko. The editor in chief of the Dilovy Pereyaslavl Svitlana Pomoynytska informed the IMI of this incident. The assaulter was on the watch for the journalist during a pause at the session of the municipal council, he insulted Matvienko, pushed him and beat him on the face. As a result, Matvienko who had suffered some years ago the cerebrovascular accident, had a hypetensic crisis, the ambulance took the journalist to the hospital. Earlier, Matvienko had received some threats and rude words from the Facebook account of Yudenko, as the editor in chief of the newspaper told. The editor in chief of Dilovy Pereyaslavl attributed the assault to the professional activity of Matvienko, since the newspaper had been publishing several stories on the local deputies, in particular on Vladyslav Yudenko. The editorial office is to lodge a complaint to the police.
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