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Journalist claims that local deputy attacks him

06.02.2017, 18:06

On February 3, in Pechenizhyn village council (Ivano-Frankivsk region) during a meeting with carriers took place a conflict between journalist of "" Yevhen Hapych and Dmytro Lashchuk, deputy of Ivano-Frankivsk regional council. Journalist claims that during a verbal skirmish deputy hit him, "Dzerkalo Kolomyi" said.

"During the meeting I spoke quietly with friends, but Dmytro Lashchuk told me: "Be quite!" Inspite I spoke in whisper and bother no one. There started cross-talk and he told me: "Let's go, talk." Once we got out, he took a poke at my stomach. About 10 people, who were at that time in the lobby, among them journalists, saw the accident,"- Yevhen Hapych said.

In turn, Dmytro Lashchuk reassures that not attacked the journalist. "Yevhen Hapych was loudly talking to someone during the meeting. I made him remark, saying: "Zhenia, please, a little quieter." And he replied: "Close your mouth, let's go and have a talk." All present heard it. I did not hit him. In the lobby there was a verbal altercation. There are witnesses who can confirm this,"- the deputy said.

After the incident, the journalist called the police and wrote a statement on Dmytro Lashchuk for obstruction of journalistic activities.


The photo - Yevhen Hapych (left) and Dmytro Lashchuk

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