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Journalist banned to cover village council session in Khmelnytsky region

07.03.2019, 20:42
Фото -
Photo credits: Oleksa Yaroslavtsev, journalist for the news agency “Poryad z vamy” (Next to you) informed IMI he was banned to cover the session of the village council Medzhybiska in Khmelnytsky region. As to him, this was a second incident during last week, for the first time he was hampered to cover the sitting on February 27th, and today it was a second time. “Today, the Medzhybizka village council held an extraordinary session, just before the beginning I got in the hall. After they examined the first issue, the head of the council asked me to go out, referring the next issue was not for public discussion. As I presented my press card, he told he did not care of”, Yaroslavtsev told. Yaroslavtsev replied the sessions are open to public. “But some persons approached me with an intention to push me off. Naturally, I went out and prevented the police, I made a deposition and now I wait for reply”. As Ali Safarov, IMI lawyer told, this is possible they hold a “closed-door session, but they had to announce it before the beginning of the session and exceptionally due to indispensability to protect some secret information, which is defined as such by the law. In all other cases, failure to give an access to the journalist at the sitting of an administrative body (in this particular case, the session of the council) is breach to the law 25 of the law “On information” and provides grounds for lodging a complaint to the police due to obstruction to professional activity of journalist (Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine),” Ali Safarov said.
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