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Journalist assaulted in Mykolaiv

26.01.2016, 22:15

On January 23 in Mykolaiv city, several men assaulted the journalist of media outlet “Road control. Mykolaiv”, civil activist Petro Tsytsylin. As it became known, the assaulters are local “golden youth” and person involved into the case of journalist beating, as the website  of Independent Media Union reports.

The incident took place during the “Snow patrol”, the group of local activists that helps the ambulance vans to get to their destinations and clears them the road from snow. The group learned that the car of people who attacked the ambulance driver was nearby. Tsytsylin went there with a camera to record the confrontation. They found the man who was suspected in attacking the ambulance driver in the nearby bar. The "Snow patrol" confronted the man and his friends, and Tsytsylin ended up beaten. He says that police officers were present during the conflict, yet they failed to do anything to stop the conflict. The police confirms that the conflict with the person suspected in beating ambulance driver took place (although they claim that their officer used "special equipment" against the suspect), and claims that the investigation is pending - in particular, the police is waiting for the video materials that the injured journalist managed to record.

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