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Jeansa grew up by 22% ahead of parliamentary election. Monitoring 24-28 June

04.07.2019, 16:22
On the eve of parliamentary election, the level of jeansa grew up by 22%, comparing to the same period ahead of presidential election. During the period of 24-28 June the experts of IMI revealed 320 materials with signs of paid-for materials. These are the results of the survey of political jeans carried out by the Institute of Mass Information in the period from June 24 to 28, 2019 in 13 popular online media, with a total sample of more than 17,000 news *. In general, only 4% of materials with signs of being commissioned by some politician forces were marked as advertising, but this labeling did not comply with the Law “On Advertising” (headings “News”, “Company News”, “Elections”, etc.). Most of the materials with signs of being paid-for were revealed  on the  “112 channel” website – 98 materials for 5 days of monitoring, 93% of these materials dealt with one political force, “Opposition Platform – For Life” and its officials. Within the monitoring period, 48 materials with signs of being paid-for were published by and NewsOne websites. The NewsOne website promoted the mostly the party “Opposition Platform – For Life”, while actively supported the President Zelensky and his party “Servant of People”, as well as Anatoliy Hrytsenko and “Opposition Platform – For Life”. During the monitoring period, 37 materials with signs of being paid-for were identified on the RBC-Ukraine website. There were no recorded politically ordered materials on Ukrainian Pravda, Novoye Vremya and websites.
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