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Izvestiya v Ukrayine newspaper getting closed

12.02.2013, 02:42
 On February 11th, the last issue of “Izvestiya v Ukraine" will be published. By the end of February 2013, the project will be closed, according to the online version of the edition.

"It's no secret that the world market of print media cannot get out of a prolonged crisis, and Ukraine is no exception. We have been trying quite a long time to find a format in which the publication will be profitable, but we failed to achieve the goal. Nevertheless, we are grateful to all those who worked, and I want to assure, we will finish our relations in a civilized manner – in line with the current labor legislation, "- said Oleh Boyarchuk, director general of “Izvestiya v Ukraine".

Chief Editor of "Izvestiya v Ukraine" Yanina Sokolovska said to Telekritika that this decision was taken by founders of the project. In the future, she intends to find an investor or start a new project.

She said the team is already familiar with the intent to close the project and the terms of their dismissal. "Conditions of the dismissal are such that there was no sense to refuse, frankly speaking. People are not offended financially. Thus, they will have money to live until we find new investors in Ukraine to continue this project. Or we will establish another project. Because we are so strong, good and talented team,  that we would not want to separate, "- she said.

Now the Izvestia team is busy with preparing the final release.

"We do not fall into pessimism. The project "Izvestia in Ukraine" is 95 years old. And during that time there have been various developments, shareholders changed, and revolutions took place. Therefore, we believe that this newspaper - is an unsinkable ship, and we hope that this is not our final and fatal iceberg "- Yanina Sokolovska said.

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