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Irpin school receives a Z-email with threats and promises of a comeback

06.02.2023, 12:52

On the morning of February 6, the administration of Irpin Lyceum No. 2 received a threatening message in the school's email inbox. Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn reported this and posted the email.

It speaks of future massive loss: "Wait for us tomorrow, we promise that tomorrow will be a booming day))). For Ze truth, for Ze people, we are against the naZis."

"We contacted the police and SESU right away. The children were evacuated from the premises. 1st and 2nd grade pupils will go on with their studies in the building of another school today. For the time being, high school students will study remotely," he wrote on Telegram.

The email inboxes of the community's other educational institutions have also been checked, but nothing suspicious has been discovered so far.

"We will work with law enforcers, in particular with the cyber police, to find out where the message was actually sent from and to punish the culprits in the event that it was someone's extremely unfunny prank," Markushyn said.

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