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Investigative journalist in Odessa claimed to be surveilled

07.02.2019, 11:56
Фото - Фейсбук Катерини Маденс
An investigative journalist in Odessa Kateryna Madens claimed that since a month she had been surveilled by some unknown persons. She told it at her Facebook page on February 5th. Every morning and evening, near the entry to the building she lives some men are waiting for her and surveilling her. “It happens absolutely every day. In the morning and in the evening. Absolutely every day. One day, that was a man with balaklava helmet on. I had to wait until someone among my neighbors goes out, because my husband was out. Since that day I do not get out without being accompanied by him”, as Kateryna Madens wrote. Speaking to the IMI correspondent in Odessa Madens told she related this pursuit to her professional activity, as last years she has been investigating some corruption schemas inside Odessa municipal council. At present, the journalist with assistance of lawyers is to prepare the complaint to the police. As to the IMI correspondent, after Madens’s public claim about surveillance the unknown persons ceased to appear before her home.
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