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Inter’s "Podrobytsi" claims it is being jammed on air since August 28

23.09.2014, 23:43

The news program "Podrobytsi" of the TV channel “Inter” claims that it is being systematically jammed on the national air since August 28. This information was confirmed by the internal inspection of the TV channel’s regional development service.

Radio interferences to the satellite signal of the media group’s TV channels were registered since August 28 to September 22, 2014.

The inspection showed that at first the jamming appeared right at 8 p.m., when the news program began, later it became more often: it affected the hourly news broadcasts at the beginning of every hour, but recently it appears every 30 minutes.

Viewers watching ‘Inter’ both in Ukraine on cable networks and via satellite in Ukraine and abroad have been complaining about the jamming during the TV channel ‘Inter’ news programs ‘Podrobytsi’ and ‘Podrobytsi Tyzhnia’. 

Experts believe this may be a targeted attack on the satellites that broadcast the signal to viewers.

The TV company has already asked the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ukrainian State Radio Frequencies Center to investigate the attacks.

The ‘Podrobytsi’ team asks all its viewers to report the place and time of jamming via social networks. 

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