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Internews Ukraine calls NSTU Supervisory council to revise its decision on Alasania

01.02.2019, 13:32
The NGO Internews Ukraine is concerned over an anticipatory breach of the contract with the Chairman of the Board of the Public television and radio company of Ukraine (NSTU) Zurab Alasania and demanded to revise its decision, as to its letter published on its Facebook page. The Internews expects the minutes of the meeting of the Supervisory council to be made public in order “to examine on a reasonable grounds such a decision and to verify whether all juridical procedures had been respected”. “Not less important than the procedural issues is a timing concept. Because, even the right things made in undue time could result in unwishable effects. Destabilizing the broadcaster during pre-election period is immediately dangerous for democracy in Ukraine and is playing into hands of external enemy”. “Whatever were the reasons of such actions (failure to be professional or some political manipulations) the Supervisory council of NSTU failed to attend its main task which is ensuring a stable en efficisous functioning of the public broadc aster as one of the most important institution in the state. We urge the Superevisory council members to revise its decision and to rectify the mistakes for the sake of the national interests of Ukraine and of all the society”. As IMI reported yesterday, the Supervisory board of the National public television and radio company of Ukraine decided to dismiss Zurab Alasania from his position of the Chairman of the Public broadcasting Board.
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