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Internet provider demands from to pay 120 thousands of UAH of moral damage

13.02.2019, 19:55
The economic court in the Vinnytsya region instituted proceedings over the complaint of a private company Vinasterisk against a media center, as to web-site. The lawsuit concerns the article published on January 11th 2019 “How they aired Russian TV channel in resort town in Vinnytsya region”. The authour covered the sitting in the Vinnytsya appeal court where the judges examined the complaint of an internet service provider from Khmelnyk and said that provider had retransmitted the banned Russian TV channel Russia Today. So the internet provider from Khmelnyk demanded the judges to qualify this information untruthful, to refute it and to restitute a moral damage in amount of 120 thousands of hryvnias ($ 4 425). “We published the news story, - said Olga Malinovska, director of the media center – It concerned an open criminal trial and that the provider propably would have been involved in broadcasting of the Russian TV channel. The reaction of the person named to this news story was to file a claim”. She added the news was impartial. “We will go to court and we will defend our point of view, because the story is impartial and exhaustive. In the text we did not blame anyone, and since the presumption of innocence is applied in our country, so the last word is up to the court of justice”. “We understand in the framework of the criminal proceedings the internet provider’s property had been seized and he, what is probably, would be willing to compensate his loss at the price of so called “moral damage”. But they won’t obtain it”, Malinovska told. The hearing at the court is scheduled at mi-February.
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