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Inter TV channel closed evening news program

14.01.2014, 18:47

The Inter TV channel closed down the evening news program «Novyny» at 6 p.m. Starting from January 13, it is no longer in the line-up. According to Telekrytyka, this was confirmed by the director of the «Natsionalni Informatsiyni Systemy» (NIS is the news production company of the media group Inter) Anton Nikitin.

Nikitin suggested to turn with any questions in regard of the closing of the evening news program or the future of its staff, including the anchors Hanna Gomonai and Olga Bondarchuk, to the TV channel’s press service.

For the context, at the end of 2013 the NIS director Nazim Bedirov, the executive director lavrentiy Malazonia and Igor Shuvalov, which are believed to be connected to the head of the Presidential Administration Sergiy Liovochkyn, resigned from the Inter TV channel. Anton Nikitin was appointed as the chief of NIS.

The journalist Olga Chervakova and the production editor Victoria Naydionova as well as the news managing editor Oleksander Pylypets also resigned from the TV channel.

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