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"Inter" strongly against the introduction of quotas on TV

17.03.2017, 22:40

Media holding "Inter Media Group" categorically against the law "On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning audiovisual language (electronic) of Mass Media" which establishes a compulsory share of Ukrainian content on television adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the first reading, on March 16. This is stated in the "Inter" press release.

"Inter Media Group" has always opposed the ban. We are also against this law that virtually prohibits the use of any language other than Ukrainian in broadcast of Ukraine. And the issue is not in the attitude to language - Ukrainian or Russian. The question is - the respect of human rights. This law violates the rights of millions of citizens of Ukraine, for whom Russian is their native language. And also it violates the rights of speakers of other 17 regional languages, besides Russian. In addition, the lawprovokes a division in society, and whip up a tension,"- goes in the press release.

The company hopes that the deputies did not vote for the law in the second reading. "Among other things, this law is not facilitate the development of Ukrainian television. On the contrary, it will cause serious damage. Unable to create the right amount of quality content in Ukrainian language or to make a quality dubbing in the same quantities, itwill degrade the quality of television products in Ukrainian language "- the company said.

However, the company notes that "the Russian language - one of the world's languages. Millions of copies and educational literature were published in Russian language, many films were filmed in this language. You can not deprive Ukrainian from access to this important content,"- the company says. This indicates that the law on imposition of quotas on the radio led to the emergence of low-grade product.

IMI's media lawyer Roman Golovenko believes that TV channels is manipulating, stating about the prohibition of other languages ​​on television.
""Inter" manipulates facts on prohibition of other languages ​​on TV. The Bill of Ukrainian quota says about 75% and it does not cover night broadcast, and for regional broadcasting quota will be 50%. Statements that it is impossible to produce the required number of Ukrainian-language content looks xenophobic. Regarding the market volume and recoupment of the content - this question is generally very controversial: none national Ukrainian TV channel, including "Inter", did not show its budget transparent and not declared self-sufficiency. Because the main Ukrainian TV channels financed by their owners, oligarchs, it is they, who ultimately determine what content to broadcast on a channel, not the audience,"- the lawyer said.



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