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‘Inter’ journalist received veiled threats because of story about construction in conservation area in Dnipropetrovska oblast

17.08.2014, 21:45

The ‘Inter’ correspondent Serhiy Bordiuzha received phone threats from an unidentified man after his news story about an illegal construction project in a conservation area in Dnipropetrovska oblast went on air.

On August 13, the story from Dnipropetrovska oblast was aired, in which residents of the village Yamburg told about an illegal construction project by associates of Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky, which was blocking the lake’s waterfront. The residents also said that the local authorities turned a deaf ear to any complaints. After the news program was over, Bordiuzha received a phone call from an unidentified number from a man, who did not introduce himself. This man asked who invited us there and why we would raise this issue, and then recommended to abstain from business trips to this oblast. Bordiuzha admitted there were no direct threats but such calls give food for thought.  

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