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"Inter" claims it receives threats it would be attacked on day National council reviews its New Year programs

15.01.2015, 21:37

The TV channel “Inter” claims it has been receiving threats of an attack and it is forced to enhance its security. In the TV channel’s statement, it informs that it has information about possible attacks on January 15, on the day when the National council reviews its New Year programs.

There already was an attack on the TV channel’s office on January 3, when some of its property was damaged. The TV channel claims it still receives threats but does not specify from whom.

For the context, the TV channel Inter in its New Year celebration programs showed the Russian singers that are notorious for their anti-Ukrainian statements and some of them are personas non grata in Ukraine. The TV channel’s news program ‘Podrobytsi’ condemned the channel’s decision to show them.

This New Year program caused a lot of uproar in social media and led to numerous demands to annul its broadcasting license.

The National council decided to review the New Year programming of all national TV channels.  

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