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Independent media council found hate speech in commissioned story broadcasted by TV channels of Odesa

14.02.2018, 18:17
Independent media council considers stories about Adnan Kivan, that were broadcasted by Tv channels of Odesa А1 and Gnews (LLC “TRC “Andser” and LLC “TRC “Miskyi telekanal”), have features indicating they were commissioned, and also, that they used TV channels to propagate hate speech. The relevant opinion was Released by the Independent Media Council on February 13, “Detector media” reports. In September of 2017, TV channels of Odesa broadcasted some stories about the businessman of Syrian origin, Adnan Kivan. The story featured Kivan's biography, starting from his student years. There were claims in the story, like one that stated that Kivan started his career with helping "thif scum". Also, these stories make an effort to present him as a radical Muslim serving rich Arab organizations who "want to rebuild the world based on the Sharia law", and Kivan started "an information jihad" in Odesa.
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