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In Zhytomyr, young athletic thugs injured a journalist

09.12.2013, 11:41

In Zhytomyr, a gang of unknown athletic thugs severely beat the editor-in-chief of the 20 Khvylyn newspaper Vlad Puchych, who is one of the organizers of EuroMaidan in Zhytomyr. The injured journalist reported this to IMI himself.

The assault took place near the office of the Democratic Alliance on Khlibna Street, 25, where the activists were planning a trip to Kyiv. When they left the office a group of 8-10 young thugs with bats ran to them and started beating them.  

As a result of the assault, the journalist Vlad Puchych got head injuries and was taken to hospital on an ambulance. His would was stitched and he was diagnosed with a concussion. Other activists also were injured. The activists managed to detain one of the attackers, whose identity was to be established.

This is already the second assault on the editor-in-chief of the 20 Khvylyn newspaper Vlad Puchych in the last week. On November 23, he was attacked by unknown thugs in the entrance way of his house when he was returning home.  

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