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In Zhytomyr region, unknown individuals were threatening the journalist who recorded treating of rally participants

24.12.2013, 18:19

On December 14, in the city of Volodarsk-Volynskyi, unknown individuals threatened the freelance journalist Serhiy Sivachenko (pen name Pavlo Kurhanskiy). He himself told Telekrytyka about this.

According to the freelancer, around 9 p.m. he recorded the facts of treating the rally participants at the city central square. Several people were marking the list of those who arrived in buses from Kyiv and bargaining on how much to pay them for participating in the actions in the capital.

When they noticed that the journalist had a camera, three men from this group started to demand to give them the camera and threatened him: «We will call police now, and you are dead!»

«As I did not hear any clear introduction from them, I turned around and went away. After discussing something between themselves, these men, probably supervisors of the bus trip, ran after me. One of those, who chased me, called himself the prosecutor, Yosyp Honhalo, another one called himself Petrenko», Sivachenko told.

After they failed to outrun the journalist, they chased him in two cars, cut his escape on the sidewalk and started to threaten to beat him. Yet, the journalist asked passers-by for help and photographed the attackers. They decided not to pursue and left.

The journalist said he decided not to contact the law enforcement agencies about this case

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