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In Zaporizhzhya, unidentified individuals wearing camo kidnapped local jouranlists, released him later

15.12.2014, 13:55

On December 10, a local journalist and editor-in-chief of the website “Dzerkalo Zaporizhzhya” ( Oleksander Haiduk was kidnapped by unidentified individuals wearing camouflage uniforms. It became known through Facebook publication of his colleague, Volodymyr Noskov, a regional IMI correspondent informs. 
According to Noskov, on December 10 a group of unidentified people wearing camouflage uniforms broke into the editor’s apartment and took the journalist to an unknown location. These people arrived in several cars, and on their uniforms, there was an inscription “Self-Defence”.

Later, the kidnapped journalist was released. According to Haiduk, he and his friend Artem L. were brutally beaten by the men wearing camouflage uniforms. The neibours called police, yet police that arrived in 15 minutes did not react to the kidnappers' actions. Then, they were taken to the Security Service of Ukraine, where they were questioned for about 5 hours, and then released from this illegal detention. According to him, he was questioned about his alleged relations with separatists, and answered that he was not a separatist, yet thinks that the current government is irresponsible and caused the current sad situation in the country.

As the IMI correspondent notes, Haiduk is known for consistent publications of biased anti-Ukrainian articles.

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