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In Zaporizhzhya, guest of Hromadske.TV started rotating camera not to get recorded

15.07.2015, 01:13

On July 8 in Zaporizhzhya, an author of the draft design of the city emblem, which was broadly discussed by local civic activists, Andriy Avdeyenko, left the studio of “Hromadske.TV Zaporizhzhya” after the first question about his qualifications. He also started to rotate the camera that was recording in the studio, telling not to record him.

Avdeyenko refused to answer the question about his awards and titles, saying it iwas a provocation by journalists. One of the questions was about a title of "admiral", as there were rumors about this. Avdeyenko said it was a provocation as the title of Admiral of Navy was granted to him by Yanukovich. The question stirred the interviewee so much that he started to mess with the camera, and then left the studio, refusing to answer it.

Now he Avdeyenko accuses journalists of recording him without his permission, threatens to sue them for this.

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