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In Zaporizhzhia, member of city council took out journalist's recorder power cell during the session

01.02.2018, 16:56
On January 31 in Zaporizhzhia, member of local city council Oleksandr Nikolaenko took the recorder of the editor of local portal "Aktsent", Oleksandr Chubukin, without permission, and took out power cell from it. Oleksandr Chubukin reported this to IMI. The incident took place in the assembly hall of Zaporizka city council. The journalist placed the recorder on the free seat next to himself, to record the session. But, according to the journalist,  some of the council members disliked the fact the session is being recorded, and one of them, Nikolaenko, came up to the recorder, took it without permission, and removed its power cell, which caused the record to be deleted. At that, the council member commented "this is not a man's way to do things, recording our conversations". At that, Nikolaenko knew very well that Chubukin is a journalist. Oleksandr Chubukin intends to file an official complaint to the police for obstruction of his work as a journalist.
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