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In Zakarpattia oblast, journalist of "Tochka Opory" was not allowed to stay at voting station

26.05.2014, 21:09

Members of the election committee at the voting station No.210795 in the city of Khust (Zakarpattia oblast) decided to remove the correspondent of the newspaper «Tochka Opory» from the voting station after 8 p.m. under a false pretence that he was pressuring the members of the election committee and obstructing their work. When the journalist arrived to the voting station he noticed that some of the committee members and observers that represented presidential candidates already had copies of the signed vote counting protocols before the counting even began. The voting station had no posters about presidential candidates and their programs. The former and the latter were in direct violation of the Law on Elections.

The journalist of «Tochka Opory» wanted to clear the situation with the vice head of the election committee and asked him for a talk. The head and members of the election committee claimed it was pressure, and demanded that he left. After a heated conversation, the election committee adopted a decision that he had to leave the station. 

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