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In Volynska oblast, pro-Russian thugs beat journalist for comment

02.08.2014, 01:43

Pro-Russian thugs that were vacationing on Shatsk lakes beat a well-known Volyn journalist Volodymyr Lys with a knuckle-duster after he reprimanded them for an impolite remark. This was reported by a local deputy Valentyna Blynova during the session of Volynska oblast council. 

According to Blynova, during a patriotic event held in the north of Volyn oblast on July 26-27 several thugs in their early thirties commented about the event participants that they probably eat human meat because this is the way they are. Volodymyr Lys told them such remark was uncalled for, and they beat him using a knuckle-duster.

 Valentyna Blynova believes that some visitors from the East of Ukraine, which were invited to stay on Shatsk lakes express pro-Russian sentiments and quoted one of the men, who said that it was a beautiful place and that Putin should come and take it, too.

An investigation of Lys’  beating is ongoing.  

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