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Supporter of Scientology demanded dismissal of journalist in Volyn

12.12.2016, 13:48

Dec. 9 in Volodymyr-Volynsky (Volyn region) Natalia Shandalko, the Scientology supporter, demanded the chief editor of the newspaper "Misto vechirne"(Night city) to fire Oleksiy Biyanov, the reporter of the newspaper. The reason is a publishe material about  the Scientology, the religious-philosophical doctrine, reports the "Misto vechirne".

According to the media, the cause of indignation were two publications: "Scientology: a new religion or a business?" And "Wolves, which plagued Christ's flock"- the priest about the followers of Scientology". 
The edition says that Natalia is a supporter of the Scientology movement and threatened journalist with "war" in case he did not stop criticizing her for trying to spread Scientology courses in schools of Volodymyr-Volynsky.

Oleksiy Biyanov explained to the representative of IMI in the Volyn region that after publication of demands of his firing on the website "Misto vechirne", Shandalko began to negotiate with him for a meeting to find out everything peacefully. However, the journalist said that after the threats and demands of his dismissal, the further communication will only take place in public. He provided that if Shandalko continue to put pressure on his journalistic work, he will appeal to the law enforcement.
Maksym Ratushny IMI's media lawyer said that such attempts to influence and interfere with the editorial board, and especially on the issues of personnel policy of the media is unwarranted and illegal.

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