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In Volyn region journalist got murder threat through her friend

10.05.2019, 13:22
Nataliya Kamyshnykova, journalist working for web-based edition “Radar” (in Volynska region) claimed to got murder threat, as to IMI correspondent in the region Maya Golub. Recently, some unknown persons made an attempt to arson her house. “Yesterday (on May 8th- note of editor) my acquaintance was approached by some woman around of thirty at the central market place of Novovolynsk (…). She took her firmly by hand and said: “Say to Kamyshnykova this was just a warning. We will kill her, let prepare a coffin for herself”. As to Kamyshnykova, several persons could want threaten her. “I am writing for “Radar” everyday. I would hassle someone. The first threat was originated from those who know elected official of municipal council Yarema. This was the Mayor’s friend”. IMI informed overnight into May 1st, some unknown persons set fire to the house of a journalist Kamyshnykova. In the nighttime, she informed the police that some persons get in her summer cottage, thye broke window, spread some liquid with an odour of gasoline, set it on fire and ran away. As to Nataliya Kamyshnikova, this was a revenge for one of her publications.
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