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In Vinnytsia, journalist got pushed out of polling station, her equipment taken

26.10.2015, 23:02

On one of the polling stations in Vinnytsia, there was a clash between the journalist of and unidentified individuals. School No.36 located in the end of Pyrohova street, hosts two polling stations, and journalists decided to visit both.

Several candidates visited, and journalists noticed that the seals on the boxes for ballots were not appropriately attached. They called police to register this fact. As everyone was paying attention to the candidates, and an unknown man approached the journalist, who tried to conduct video record of the event, and told her not to record, as he did not like to be recorded (although no one actually recorded him specifically). He pushed the journalist out of the room and took her camera, with police doing nothing to help the journalist. Later, he claimed the journalist gave him the camera on her own will. He was rude and aggressive, and said the journalist should have no complaints, as he returned her camera. The police officers, who were on duty at the polling stations, accused the journalist of creating a provocation instead of helping her.

The events that took place later (overheard conversation on "bulletins that will be brought here in the evening" and many expensive cars coming to the polling station location) might suggest that some kind of cheating with boxes and seals was being prepared, yet anyone who tried to claim this and act on it (like journalists) was accused of trying to disrupt the elections. 

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