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In Verkhovna Rada, journalist and MP clash

31.05.2017, 00:05

On May 18, the host of the section “Vasia Proty Hondurasiv” (program “Lumpen Show ” on the TV channel NLO TV, produced by the production company Lumpeny Production) Vasyl Krutchak claimed that MP from “Narodnyi Front” Mykhailo Havryliuk attacked him in the Verkhovna Rada, smashed his phone,  and tore his shirt.

As the journalist told in a broadcast on one of the TV channels, the conflict between them began about a month ago, when he approached the MP for a comment about work of his colleagues. He got no answer as the MP informed him outright that he decided to give to journalist no comments or interviews. So, on May 19, the journalist said he just wanted to ask whether the MP still held to that position. “He said he does not want to talk. I was surprised and asked him who he thinks he is to take such decisions as it was media that made him the hero of the people”, said Krutchak. According to him, earlier Havryliuk saw no problem in answering all questions.

Krutchak reported that the MP broke his phone and tore his shirt and tried to punch him in the face. “He tried to punch me in the head, I tried to evade but not always successfully. I did not even try to punch back as I am aware of his parliamentary privilege”, he said and emphasized he was not going to involve police in any way as he did not believe it would bring any results as Havryliuk represents the party "Narodnyi Front", to which the current Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov belongs.

Earlier, journalist Krutchak ran the section “Zolotyi Baton”, which featured MP Havryliuk once.

At the same time, Mykhailo Havryliuk himself told the journalists on the sidelines that he did not attack the journalist but to the contrary tried to catch him in his fall on the stairs.

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