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In Uzhhorod, someone threw stone into journalist's car

25.07.2017, 23:13
This was reported personally by the Novyi Kanal staff correspondent Vitaliy Hlagola, who added some photos from the site. “When someone tries to give you a subtle hint,” the journalist commented. As he described it to, his car was parked on a street of the oblast center. The glass was broken somewhere between yesterday's evening and this morning. “It is difficult for me to draw any conclusions about what it really was. Of course, it could be burglary, but nothing was taken from the car,” Vitaliy Hlagola said in his comment for In the recent years, Hlagola, in addition to his journalist work, was an active blogger and civil activist, who investigates and comments on the work of city authorities and their branches, especially in relation to quality of repairs, landscaping, and scandalous resolutions of authorities. Also, Vitaliy writes a lot about the proper habits of parking and adherence to traffic regulations. In particular, he was the journalist, who was covering incidents where the participants were scandalous judge Rotmistrenko and former Road Police officer Petro Holubka. Vitaliy said that he called police to the site to register the crime officially.
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