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In Uzhhorod, employees of bus terminal were prohibiting journalists of "Channel 21" to film news story

15.06.2017, 02:35

In Uzhhorod, employees of the bus terminal were prohibiting journalists of “Channel 21” to film a news story.

The Incident took place on June 2 on the territory of the bus terminal “Uzhhorod -1”. A security guard and several bus terminal clerks ordered the filming crew to stop the filming as, according to the bus terminal clerks, it was prohibited to film there without permission.

As Oleksandra Turanova, journalist of “Channel 21” informed the IMI representative in Zakarpatska oblast, she was preparing a news story about the fact that Uzhhorod bus terminal is selling more bus tickets than there are seats on buses. In fact, the journalists were recording a sound bite of a passenger, when the security guard  came over to them. The incident was filmed and this footage was included into the news story about the bus terminal’s operation. The footage has the words of the guard who prohibits to film and shows the woman who is trying to cover the camera lens with her hand.

Because of this interference with the filming crew’s operation, the news story was not broadcast on the intended day.

The journalists summoned police and on June 9, Oleksandra Turanova filed to Uzhhorod police department a complaint about obstruction to journalist activities on the premises of the bus terminal.

As IMI reported earlier, in 2015-16 on bus terminals of Uzhhorod and Mukacheve there were recorded several incidents of interference with the work of filming crews from “Channel 21”, “M-Studio”, “Inter” and “Tysa-1”. 

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