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In Ukraine, in the last three years almost 80 Russian TV channels were banned – Djaparova

Emine Djaparova, photo –

In the last three years, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting limited broadcasting of 77 out of 82 Russian TV channels in cable networks of Ukraine. This was reported by the acting Minister of Information Policy Emine Djaparova in an interview to “Apostrof”, “Den’” informs.

“Can you imagine the degree of Russian expansion in the Ukrainian ifnromation space? 82 Russian TV channels in the cable networks! And there are only two or three Ukrainian TV channels available in Russia. No parity whatsoever”, Djaparova said.

She elaborated that the National Council limits broadcasting of Russian channes for violating the Ukrainian legislation. In particular, they show the annexed Crimea as a part of Russia. This constitutes violation of the Ukrainian legislation and warrants ban on broadcasting of such TV channel.

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