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In Simferopol, representatives of pro-Russian “Crimean community defense” threatened local journalist

11.03.2014, 18:47

In Simferopol, the correspondent of the newspaper “Arhumenty Tyzhnia - Krym” Stanislav Yurchenko was threatened by the representatives of the so-called “Crimean community defense.” They were twisting his arms, trying to take the photo camera away from the journalist and to smash it and threatened to beat him to death. According to Yurchenko, the representatives of the so-called “Crimean community defense” were meddling with the peaceful demonstration “Women Against War,” attacking the participants, tearing the women's posters and banners and threatening them. The “defense” activists and representatives of media outlets had a conflict — the activists were pushing the journalists to the traffic area and not letting them do their job. The police was on site but failed to act.

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