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In Simferopol, Crimean Tatar channel ATR's filming crew was attacked

11.03.2014, 18:45

On March 1, in Simferopol the filming crew of the ATR TV channel was attacked, its operator Rustem Murtazayev was beaten. This happened near the House of Trade Unions on Sevastopolska Street, which was captured by unidentified masked men. The filming crew of the ATR TV channel came there together with other media outlets. At that moment the camouflaged men that captured the building started to shoot in the air. They wore the same uniforms as those who captured the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea. The operator started filming this. The crowd of people wearing St.George ribbons (in black and orange stripes, believed to be the representation of pride for the Soviet Army's victory over Hitler, in practice demonstrates the identity linked to the Soviet Union) started to shout that ATR were instigators, and attacked them. The operator Rustem Murtazayev tried to flee but they caught him and hit him several times, and took away the memory card. Then they let him go.

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