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In Rivne, relatives of local journalist had their window broken

18.03.2018, 13:37
On March 16 in Rivne, unidentified people broke the window in the apartment of relatives of local journalists, head of NGO “Anti-corruption monitoring”, Yuriy Diuh. A month ago, unknown people set entrance to his residential building on fire. The NGO is registered at the same address. the journalist thinks it could be one more attempt to intimidate him, “Chetverta vlada” reports. According to the media outlet, at 13.00 someone threw a stone double the size of a fist into the window of apartment on the first floor. The media outlet also reminded that on February 18, someone threw a five-liter can with flammable liquid to the door of the relatives of Yuriy Diuh and set it on fire. The fire was quickly contained then, but the entrance to the building and the door was damaged. During the previous incident, the journalist did not insist on the version that it was related to his journalist activities because of lack of evidence for that. After the recent attack, though, Yuriy Diuh thinks both arson and the broken window are related to obstruction to his journalist activities: “Anyway, it does affect my job. I have to go to police for interrogations, and I need to set my relatives' minds to east”. As IMI representative in Rivnenska oblast, Antonina Torbich, pointed out, the journalist, in particular, studied the topic of land-related corruption in Rivne.
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