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In post-annexation Crimea, no mass media are published in Ukrainian any longer

16.01.2016, 13:16

In the occupied Crimea, no printed press is published in Ukrainian. This was discovered in the survey of the organization "Krymskyi Dim" ("Crimean House") related to the situation with the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar cultural environment in Crimea after the occupation. The survey results were presented in Kyiv, Ukrinform reports.

The survey covered issues of languages studied in educational institution and used in printed press.

Oleksander Shulha, who works in the Research Center "SPHERA", says that most respondents of the survey agree that the situation with free language use deteriorated on both official and common level. "Against the Ukrainian-speaking people, we see open aggression and danger of physical violence. The psychological environment that was formed restricts Ukrainian language to the narrow circle of friends and family, the people who are trusted," Shulha said. Those who speak Crimean Tatar also feel aggression based on the language they use. As to the official level, Ukrainian is no longer an official language in Crimea - at least, in daily practice, not in declarations of the occupant internal legislation (according to which, Russian, Ukrainian, and Crimean Tatar languages are to function as equal). The printed media in languages other than Russian disappered in Crimea, too. 


The research was based on survey of 116 people - both the current residents and those who recently relocated to mainland Ukraine. Part of them were surveyed face to face, some sent their answers via e-mail. 

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