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In Poltava policeman show out journalists from the courtroom

08.12.2016, 14:17

Dec.6 the chief of convoy company of police of Oktiabrskyi District Court of Poltava prevented the shooting and expelled journalists from the courtroom before the hearing. Representatives of the media was allowed to enter only when judges came into the hall, reports online edition Poltava365.

Edition writes, that on that day was appointed the trial on a case of resident who accused in committing a murder from a traumatic gun. Convoy company guard the accused to the court before the trial.

"Once one of the journalists began to take photos, the chief of convoy guards forbid to do it. When asked what provision of the law prohibits withdraw before the meeting, the guard said that they need to ask Oleksandr Strukov, the head judge of the court', for permission to take photos,"- says the publication.

After short altercation with media the chief of convoy company of police ordered them immediately leave the courtroom, despite the fact that they were invited by the secretary of the hearing before. Journalists waited for 90 min. near coartroom. Only after the board of judges led by Oleksandr Strukov get inside the room, the convoy guard let in all the participants of the hearing and audience.

While the prosecutor read out the information on the activities carried out, Maryna Rozanova, the lawyer of the accused, was filming journalists on her cell phone during the meeting. The chief of convoy company made her verbal remark, but she refused, and he allowed Rozanov to shoot journalists untill the end of the trial.

The convoy company officially is a part of the structure of the Poltava Police Department, Oleksandr Bukhaevets if a chief of the company, says the publication.

 Reporters from HromadskeTV.Poltava and Internet edition "Poltava" were expelled from the court, states the regional representative of IMI.

As IMI reported on Aug. 30 in Oktiabrs'kyi District Court of Poltava the lawyer of the suspect, whose case was reviewed, Maryna Rozanova, threatened Olha Dudka, the journalist of HromadskeTV.Poltava, to shave her head. It was not only Olha Dudka who was threaten at this court. The father of the suspect threatened another journalist Mykolay Lysogor from "Poltava" online edition, promised to push his camera in an "as...". Lysogor did not write a statement to the police.
August 31 Olha Dudka, the journalist of HromadskeTV.Poltava, turned to the law enforcement officers a statement about the threat from Maryna Rozanova.
Lawyer Maryna Rozanova, who threatened to shave bald the journalist from HromadskeTV.Poltava, Olha Dudka, told the police about threats. As part of the criminal proceedings the journalist gave explanations to the investigator on Sep.9.

September 13 HromadskeTV.Poltava journalist Olha Dudka said that the police didn't put her second statement about the incident to the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigation (URPI) and she will appeal about inaction of the investigator.
As a result, the disciplinary committee denied journalists who complained about threats from the lawyer.

Photo - Poltava365

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