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In Poltava photographer forbidden to take pictures at polling station

21.07.2019, 17:18
Photo credit:
In Poltava on July 21, the members of the election commission banned the photographer for the "Zmist" (Content) edition Bogdan Proskurov to take pictures at the polling station, even after he presented his press card, as “Zmist” reported it on its website. The incident occurred at the polling station #531188 in the district electoral commission #144 (school number 20). After the journalist informed his editorial board of the incident, the head of the district election committee allowed the photographer to take photos. According to IMI correspondent in Poltava region, photo correspondent Bogdan Proskurov did not call the police, he did not file complaint on obstruction to his professional activity, since the incident was over and he was allowed to take pictures. "It happened in the morning, around 9.00 am I came to the polling station. I would not say that this is a gross violation, rather it is the ignorance of the chairman of the commission. When I came to the polling station, I approached the head, asked if it was possible to take a photos and whether I had to register myself. The chairman of the commission told me if I was registered as a journalist through the CEC, then I can take photos, otherwise - no, " Bogdan Proskurov commented. The photojournalist added that he explained to the chairman of the commission this was violation from his part: "I informed my editor in chief by phone about the situation, at the same time, the chairman of the commission spoke with someone by the phone. After this conversation, he apologized and did not forbid to take photos. This incident was over. " IMI's lawyer Ali Safarov said that a ban for a journalist to take pictures inside the polling station is a violation of the rights of the journalist and could entail responsibility under article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. "According to part four of Article 13, part 3 of Article 34 of the Law of Ukraine" On the election of People's Deputies of Ukraine ", the election process is open and transparent, the journalists have the right to collect information, including on election day, at the polling station, without special permits, invitations, etc. At the same time, in accordance with part one of Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine "On Information", journalists have the right to record, to record audio and video while performing their professional duties. Thus, the prohibition for a journalist to take pictures in the premises of the polling station is a violation of the rights of the journalist provided for by the legislation in vigor of Ukraine and may entail the responsibility provided by the Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, " the lawyer said.
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