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In Poltava, journalists prevented from covering competition for position of heads of directorate of education

15.08.2019, 18:44
Photo credit: On August 14, the chairman of the examination committee prevented journalists from covering the competition for the positions of the head and the deputy head of directorate of education at the in Poltava municipal council, as “Zmist” reported. According to the edition, the date of the contest was not known until August 13. It was reported by the deputy of the council Oleksander Glazov on his Facebook page. Later, the secretary of the municipal council Oleksandr Shamota confirmed it on his personal page that the contest would be held on August 14 at 8:00. He invited everyone to come and to see that the selecting to be held in transparent way. However, Sergiy Recotov, who presided the exam, failed to come to agreement with Shamota on the rules of the selection, thus, he did not allow one of the journalist to attend the event and prevented other journalists from covering it. After the exam, one of the candidates for the position, Lyudmila Boychenko said that she did not believe in the transparency of the competition: “Now, before the cameras, the members of the commission could have checked the answers, then invite us into the audience and announce the results of the competition. When I presided competition for school directors position, I did like that. Then everything was transparent and open.” For her part, the new deputy mayor of humanitarian affairs, Svitlana Nestulya, noted that the commission processed in compliance with the existing selection regulations.
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