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In Poltava, fake newspapers are dispensed on behalf of civil movement "Chesno"

13.11.2015, 21:45

On November 12 in Poltava, newspapers titled "Chesno pro kandydativ u mery Poltavy" ("Honestly about Poltava Mayor Office nominees") were dispensed in the streets. The word "Chesno" ("Honestly") was designed in the colors and font of the Civil Movement "Chesno", and their emblem (the picture of garlic) was used to mislead the readers.  The paper offers a skewed "comparative analysis" of two nominees to the mayor's office – Andriy Matkovskyi (in whose favor the "analysis" was skewed) and Oleksander Mamay.

In addition, the paper explained what the movement "Chesno" is and how it works. The movement indeed advocates for transparency, reporting to citizens and open nature of the authorities.

The paper has no data about where it was printed and who ordered it.  The civil movement "Chesno" denies any affiliation with this printed material. 

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