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In Odesssa well-known ecologic journalist poured over with sewage

08.05.2019, 20:10
Photo credits: Svitlana Pidpala Facebook
On May 7th in Odessa, some unknown person poured sewage onto Svitlana Pidpala, correspondent for “Zeleniy list” (Green leaf) and member of an ecological association of the same appellation, as the journalist reported herself on Facebook. As to the information of one of Pidpala’s colleagues, received by the IMI correspondent in Odessa region, the attack happened as she was fulfilling her professional activity: the journalist was shooting the video controversial construction work at the territory of the Summer theater in Odessa. “By 9. 30 a.m. I came to the Summer theater to observe the expert inspection made by “Zelentrust” of taking up of trees. I came alone. There were several persons face of me: Stepan Filimon, Serhiy Trygub and a great number of “titushka” (provocators), the illegal works were on. Mykola Paster, manager of the works, approached me and started talking to me. Just a minute afterwards some guy ran to me with bucket full of sewage and poured it over me, from my head to foot. Tituska were laughing and taking video of me”, Svitlana Pidpala told. The police instituted a proceedings over the fact of hooliganism, as to Ruslan Forostyak, adviser of the head of the national police in Odessa region. Svitlana Pidpala is specializing on issues of ecology, she advocating the coast standing against illegal real estate development projects. She is participant of ecological movements “Genprotest” and “Zeleniy list”. IMI informed, on June 24th, 2017, two persons have been beaten Svitlana Pidpala downtown in Odessa. The police had instituted criminal proceeding for intentional trivial injury (article 125 of the Criminal Code ). On October 19, 2017, the ;police detained two persons suspected with this attack. The trial is on till now.
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