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In Odessa journalist for Doumska TV assaulted

04.03.2019, 17:16
Олександр Новицький, фото - "Думська"
Photo credit: Doumska TV In Odessa on the night of 3 of March an unknown person assaulted an anchorman and journalist for Doumska TV Oleksander Novytsky, as to Doumska TV. “Around 00:30 a.m. Oleksander helped his wife to park the car in the yard, near their home in the Levitan street. At this moment, an unknown person approached him and told “I am going to kill you”. And he started beating him. The journalist had a rubber bullet gun and a tear gas gun. As a result, the journalist was sent to the hospital, where he was suffering from shock for several hours. The police instituted the criminal proceedings (hooliganism), as they said in the police the assaulter was drunk.
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