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In Odessa elected official of regional council gave kick to face of journalist

25.04.2019, 18:47
In Odessa, an elected official of the regional council Roman Senyk from “Opposition block” gave a kick to the face of editor in chief of “Megaphone” and correspondent for “Civil investigation” Bogdan Osynsky. The incident occurred on April 16th while several church members of Orthodox church of Ukraine were contesting between themselves the substitution of a senior priest of the Nativity of Christ Church in Odessa. Bogdan Osynsky told to IMI correspondent, he was covering the row, he has press card and he claimed for all to hear he was journalist. He added he fell on pavement and here, the deputy of the regional council knocked him onto his face for several times. As to Osynsky, this assault is in connection to his professional activity, due to reluctance of one of the row parties as to coverage of all details of the conflict. Bogdan Osynsky filed the complaint to the police.
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