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In Odessa, beach tenant struck journalist

20.06.2019, 21:28
In Odessa, during an inspection, a tenant of the beach, was threatening several elected officials with an assault rifle and struck a journalist, as Dumska reported. During today's parliamentary inspection of city beaches, Yuri Reznikov who is co-owner of the beach “Vidrada” set up a charged assault rifle to persons who got to his territory. The deputy Alexander Sheremet could snatch the assault rifle. They called the police. The owner claimed he possessed all permission documents for this beach, and he had authorization to install the fence. He also added he had right to fire shots with his assault rifle against those who got in “his private property." "I was not going to kill, but I would shoot at the feet," Reznik confessed. The tenant pushed away Aliva Zamchinskaya, journalist for "Dumskaya", she fell and got a scratch.
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