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In Odesa, Putin’s supporters attacked journalist of "Prestupnosti.Net" for Ukrainian flag on her phone

07.08.2014, 00:04

On August 5, in Odesa, pro-Russian activists from the so-called movement «Kulikovo Pole» attacked the Odesa correspondent of the online media outlet «Prestupnosti.Net» Radmela Aliyeva because she had a Ukrainian flag on her cell phone.  This happened during a rally that pro-Russian activists organized near the building of the Chief Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odeska oblast. They were demanding reinstatement of police officers that were fired for abusing their authority in confrontation with pro- Ukrainian rally participants near the ”Ibiza” night club during the concert of Ani Lorak.

According to the media outlet’s editor-in-chief  Anaoly Chubachenko, pro-Russian protesters saw the correspondent’s phone with a Ukrainian flag and a text «Keep calm and love Ukraine», and attacked her, trying to pry the phone from her hands. After that, they started shouting insults at her.

Also, activists of Odesa’s Anti-Maidan claim they have the right to beat any journalists trying to film them despite the fact that they were in a public space and participating in a mass event.  

The police officers on site failed to respond and did not interfere in the conflict.    

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