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In Odesa, man wearing camouflage tried to pry off journalist's camera

30.06.2016, 15:26

In the evening of June 28 in Odesa, an armed man in camouflage tried to take photo came a from the journalists of the online media outlet “Yuzhnyi Kurier” Valeriy Puzyk, the media outlet's website reports.

The incident took place at Prymorskyi Boulevard near the monument to Duke, when the journalist was taking pictures of a folk festival at the stage near the Duke, and an event organized by the civil corpse of "Azov" volunteer regiment.

As the media outlet describes it, the attacker first demanded to delete all photos of him and of other people. The attacker tried to pry off the expensive digital camera with a clear intention to break it. At that, he threatened to use a gun that he had in his sheath. The reason of this behavior, as he explained it, is that the fighters did not want to appear on random photos and identified "because they fought in the ATO". The attacker was the man, who was caught on camera before, at anti-Trukhanov (new mayor of Odesa) protest actions. The media outlet asked the audience to help identify the attacker.

   Yet on June 29, the editor-in-chief of "Yuzhnyi Kurier" Oleksander Velmozhko reported at his Facebook page that the incident is over. According to him, he received an apology for the incident from Serhiy Hutsaliuk – "for himself and on behalf of anti-Trukhanov maidan". 

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