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In Odesa, during "Femen"’s action film festival security guards were obstructing journalists

16.07.2014, 16:02

On July 14, in Odesa security guards of Odesa International Film Festival were obstructing journalists during the action by the activists of Femen movements and performance by supporters of «Creative Youth +» with participation of the «dude in strings» Yevhen Dovlatov.

The incident took place near the cinema theatre “Rodina”, in which within the film festival’s framework the film «I - FEMEN» was screened.

Dovlatov announced a performance in support of the Ukrainian producer Oleh Sentsov, who is kept in Moscow as a political prisoner, poured some red paint on himself and tried to put on fire the faric he was sitting on. One of the security guards stopped this attempt of self-immolation and with ample use of swear words chased away Dolvatov and his supporters from the entrance to the cinema theatre.

In 15 minutes, FEMEN young women arrived; this time they bared their breasts in support of Nadia Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot, who was captured by the separatists but turned out in a Russian pre-trial detention center.  Dovlatov ran to them and started to hug.  Six security guards came of the building of the cinema theatre and tried to detain Dovlatov and attacked journalists from the Third Digital TV channel and photo correspondents from «Komsomolska Pravda v Ukraini» and «». They were pushing the journalists, blocking them, and hitting their equipment.

Maksym Voitenko, the correspondent of «Komsomolska Pravda v Ukraini», filed a complaint with the police. 

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