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In Mykolayiv, separatists poured brilliant green on Prestupnosti.Net journalist

13.05.2014, 12:08

In the evening of April 9, in Mykolayiv pro-Russian activists attacked the correspondent of the online media outlet Prestupnosti.Net Oleksiy Drozdov and poured brilliant green on him. According to Drozdov, he was covering the rally of pro-Russian activists, who gather every evening at 6 p.m. at Lenin Square. Drozdov was talking to an operator from the Inter TV channel, when he was approached by a man, who participated in the attack on the Oblast State Administration and whose photo with the Russian flag in his hands  Prestupnosti.Net published earlier. The man asked Drozdov whether he was from Prestupnosti.Net and after receiving an affirmative answer called other rally participants. They started to push Drozdov and to kick him in the legs, and those kicking him were women that were 40-50 years old, and then a man of around 50 years old poured brilliant green on him. They expressed their dislike of Ukrainian mass media and Prestupnosti.Net, in particular, because Ukrainian mass media picture them ‘badly’. The police at the site did nothing during the incident. When he called a police team to the site because they were obstructing his professional journalist activities, the protesters claimed nobody was beating the journalist – to the contrary, they were protecting him and why bother anyway as nobody got hurt.

On April 9, pro-Russian activists also attacked the editor of the NIS-TV channel Yuriy Liubarov. Elderly women took away his phone, called him a fascist, a Banderite, a mercenary journalist and a slut, and threatened to tear away his head and to break the windshield in his jeep (which he knows nothing about). The police intervened on his request and got him his phone back.

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