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In Mykolayiv, parliamentary candidate, whose attempt to bribe voters was exposed, filed lawsuit against "NikVesti" and "Prestupnosti.NET"

10.10.2014, 22:54

The parliamentary candidate for district 129 (Central rayon of Mykolayiv) Nadiya Ivanova, whose attempt to bribe voters with food packages, filed a lawsuit against Mykolayiv online media outlets «NikVesti» and «Prestupnosti.NET» for making public the information about her trying to bribe voters. Nadiya Ivanova herself said so in a TV program «KontrArgument» broadcast by the oblast state TV and radio company « Mykolayiv», “NikVesti”.

According to her, she fell prey to political intrigues when local media outlets published articles about her bribing voters by giving out food packages to pensioners. As she explained, for many years she had been supporting both the local theatre and local veteran organizations and engaging in charity by taking veterans to the theatre. So, her company’s law department filed a lawsuit against the media that accused her of bribery.

The editor-in-chief of «NikVesti» Oleh Dereniuha, who also was present at the TV studio as a guest, pointed out that the information she did not like originated from the observers of the Civil network «Opora», so she should address her claims at them.

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